In today's episode Simon Drew interviews Paresh Shah.

About Paresh: Paresh Shah is a positive force around everyone he meets.  He has a unique ability to connect with people of all levels, cultures and ages – creating connections that inspire people to think bigger and achieve more.  Paresh is a unique combination of a technology engineer, Harvard MBA, strategist, innovation trainer, successful entrepreneur and trained yogi.  His abilities to cross multiple worlds have made him a sought after motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, business strategy consultant,  non-obvious innovator,  and advisor to senior executives, entrepreneurs & celebrities.

Currently, Paresh is Chief Strategist and Value Architect at The Non-Obvious Company, a global innovation, strategy, mindfulness and leadership consultancy.  Paresh and works with senior leaders around the world to foster non-obvious solutions to some of the biggest problems society and businesses are facing.  He has travelled and worked in over 35 countries, giving him a diverse and truly global perspective.  He has also been invited as a popular Adjunct Professor to several leading MBA programs, and is routinely rated among the top 5% of all Professors for his blend of insightful, practical teaching methods and engaging, energetic style.

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