About Dirk Mahling:

  • Faculty member at the College of Stoic Philosophers (FCSP)
  • Professor Emeritus, Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • Fulbright Scholar
  • Licensed Psychologist, Germany
  • Licensed Autogenic Training/Meditation Councellor
  • Go-Dan (5th degree black belt) in Aikido, Instructor
  • Certified Advanced Hanggliding Instructor; USHGA
  • Officer of the reserve in the German Army
  • Frigga's Web Association, Trustee; USA
  • CIO in Fortune 500 Utility Companies in the USA
  • Published author in peer reviewed books and journals on Cognitive Science
  • Speaker and author on digital transformation in the utility industry

College of Stoic Philosophers: http://collegeofstoicphilosophers.org/


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