Introducing Pairidaēza Suite

In this episode Simon discusses his newly released album, Pairidaēza Suite. 

Pairidaēza Suite is only partially available at the moment, and can be found via Apple Music in the link below. The full album, along with the album video and poetry, will be released in late May, 2021 (though it is currently available to all patrons). 

Apple Music: 

To support Simon's work and to gain early access to the entire Pairidaēza Suite experience, go to 

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes to the team at the Sunshine Coast Council for supporting the bulk of this project with a regional arts grant. Their generosity and willingness to support local artists is another stellar example of the Australian vision of a walled garden for its people. 

Thank you to Paul Cusick and Isaac Cavallaro for their support in the production of this album. 

Thanks also to all the people below who have supported Simon via his Patreon community. Whether they came for the podcasts, the writing, the music or all of the above, they truly make it possible for Simon to continue to create and think freely. Thank you all!

Eric Marchand

Pete Bell

Walter Flaat

Jimmy Donnellon

Mike Lawrence 

Jake Isaac

Brad Dorsey 

Joe Formica

Matthew McCormack

 Adam Dugan

 Nicolle White

John E. Boyer IV

Laura Fouhse


Happy listening!


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