Assoc. Prof. Matt Sharpe teaches philosophy at Deakin University, and since 2010 has increasingly been teaching Stoic contents, and engaging with modern Stoicism.  He is working at present on a book-length study of the history of philosophy as a way of life (with Michael Ure) which will appear in 2020/21.  He is also the cotranslator of The Selected Writings of Pierre Hadot (with Federico Testa), which will be available from May 14 this year [link below].  Matt has appeared at Stoicon where he spoke on Stoicism and comedy [link and article below], and has published widely on Albert Camus, including a piece on Camus and Stoicism to mark the 60th anniversary of his death (January 2020 [link below])

Camus & Stoicism: https://modernstoicism.com/lest-we-forget-to-live-albert-camus-and-stoicism-by-matthew-sharpe/

Stoicon Presentation: https://learn.modernstoicism.com/courses/stoicon-2019/lectures/12999922

Text of Presentation: https://modernstoicism.com/the-human-comedy-lucian-of-samosata-the-view-from-above-and-stoicism-as-a-way-of-life-by-matthew-sharpe/

Hadot Translations: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-selected-writings-of-pierre-hadot-9781474272971/

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