#203 - Be Your Own Judge

In this episode Simon Drew shares a passage from Seneca that encourages us to build the habit of being our own judge at the end of each day. Look over...View Details

#202 - Be a Good Person

Sometimes we can lose sight of the true goal that we should be aiming at with all our pursuits in life, and that's to be a good person. In this episod...View Details

So much of our success and fulfilment in life depends on the stories that we tell ourselves. The Stoics taught that if you change your story then you ...View Details

Virtue is quite a broad term, and it can be hard to know where to start when we want to have more virtue in our lives. In this episode Simon Drew shar...View Details

Sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly, and we often judge ourselves over things that are not fully within our power. In this episode Simon Drew sha...View Details

In this episode Simon Drew interviews Bryan Cohen about Stoicism, dealing with chaos in life, and overcoming resistance.  About the guest: He is a tw...View Details

#197 - Take a Walk

Want to know a great way to de-stress, exercise, get your creativity going and make you a happier person? In this episode Simon Drew shares a quick pa...View Details

One of the best ways to experience more joy and satisfaction in life is to change our perceptions and practice the art of changing paradigms. And one ...View Details

Motivation doesn't come from one seminar. It's a skill and a habit that must be developed daily, and in this episode Simon Drew encourages us to make ...View Details

In this episode Simon Drew shares a passage from Seneca that will inspire us to go back and re-read the books that have changed our lives. By doing th...View Details

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